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Advertise YOUR business on THE VOICE

The Voice is the only local radio station which is actually based in North Devon.

Being part of the community ourselves, we know what makes a real difference to local businesses.

Many North Devon companies, large and small, have already achieved great results from their radio campaigns with The Voice. Broadcast on FM, DAB, online and via smart phone apps, we can say with some confidence that no other local advertising medium offers better value for money.

But don’t just take our word for it. Here is what some local businesses have had to say:

"I loved the idea that The Voice came up with for my advert - the wording and the final audio are quite brilliant and got everyone talking about our business." Marilyn Prout – The Flower Lady

"Not only were we really pleased with our commercial on The Voice, but it was a pleasure to work with their sales and creative team. Their inventive approach really opened our eyes [and ears] to what can be achieved by advertising on local radio." Kerrie Lenehan - Lenwood Renewable Energies

"I was very pleased with our advert on The Voice! The creative concept worked well for my company, and the whole process was skilfully and professionally handled. I have to say the overall price was very reasonable too, and considerably less than I thought it would be! I highly recommend using The Voice for local advertising." Sarah Escott – Best of Barnstaple

How have we achieved this? Because here at The Voice we are able to work with an award winning Production Company who have created commercials and jingles for businesses all over the UK  –  and because they are a North Devon company themselves, and keen supporters of us here at THE VOICE, they have offered us exceptional and exclusive rates.

Call our sales team now on 07739 515317, or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

They can put together a tailored package to suit your business, big or small, to get heard across the whole of North Devon at prices that we think will surprise you!


Robbie & Nick

Mish Mash

Sunday night .... 9pm till Midnight.

MISH MASH Time - WHO do you want to here tonight?

Live across North Devonshire and beyond! The show where ANYTHING goes.

Text now 66010 - first word must be voice .

Facebook me search for thevoicenorthdevon

Call 01271 323010

A totally self indulgent show for me ... I get to play whatever I want! Like a kid in a sweetshop .... the world of music is mine  ( evil laugh ) 

If you suggest an artist or group, I will pick the song - don't suggest the usual tho - I won't be playing the usual radio fodder so if you suggest Cheryl ( whatever her name is now ) or One Direction, expect to be mocked hideously!

As Forest Gump said " the music's like a box of chocolates .... you never know what you're gonna get".

 Anything from Sweet to Ella Fitzgerald. From Laurie Anderson to the Stylistics. Van Morrison, Van McCoy. Billy Idol, Billy Fury. Showaddywaddy, Bright Eyes.

An awesome selection every Sunday.

Call me 01271 323010 during the show if you'd like to suggest your artist.

Recently Played

Best Thing I Never Had
One Last Time
Ariana Grande
Lutricia McNeal
When We Were Young
Sunsets For Somebody Else
Jack Johnson
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