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Rory is an adorable and tall, two- year -old Greyhound that arrived at the centre in June after retiring from racing.

He is a fun-loving lad who enjoys playing with squeaky toys and having a good sprint around when he is off lead in the garden. When he walks on lead he plods a long beautifully by your side. He is a joy to take for walks. Since arriving at the centre he has been enjoying sharing his kennel with another greyhound. They play nicely together and he enjoys her company. After a nice walk and a play he enjoys stretching out on a nice comfy bed. He is known as a 40 mile an hour coach potato!

Rory is looking for a loving home where he could live with children twelve or above. Greyhounds do not require copious amounts of exercise. After a walk and a play Rory loves to snooze and stretch out with some home-comforts. Rory does not have experience of what life is like living in a home therefore the time left a lone will need to be built up slowly. Rory is happy to jump into a car to go out for walks and could possibly live with another dog.

If you think you can give Rory the loving, forever home he deserves, then please give our Canine Carers a call at our Ilfracombe Rehoming Centre on 01271 812709, we are open every day between 12noon and 4pm except Wednesday when we are open from 4.30pm until 7.30pm.

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