Lisa Mackenzie's Top Five Tips For Charity Fundraisers

Advice from our resident charity expert and presenter, Lisa Mackenzie  


Here are Lisa's top five fundraising tips when organising a charity event :- 


1. Decide what you are going to do.  It’s important to think of a fundraiser that you are truly able to organise. Sounds simple and actually it is however sometimes we all get a bit carried away by what we would like to do vs what we can actually do with time etc. Make a list of all the things you enjoy!!

2. Think outside the box - Would your fundraiser be based on something you really enjoy but with a twist so everyone can do it??

3. Date and Venue - Ring around and get the prices of halls, meeting rooms, sports clubs some will give charity discount. If it’s a local charity they nay have a list of venues already. Alternatively, do it from home / at work depending on what your planning to do!

4. Don’t be afraid to ask family and friends for donations towards a raffle or prize! Often people approach essay service businesses and we are blessed to have many wonderful supporting ones however there’s only so much they can do!  We all have gifts that we haven’t / won’t  use. Youl be surprised how many of your guests will want to help by donating a box of wine or bottle of chocolates!

5. Don’t go mad on Prizes!! Now this depends on the size of your event / fundraiser. If your doing a guess the name or how many sweets in a jar for example ( there’s LOADS of others) make it a cash prize. £10 is about right. It’s easy, straight forward and everyone’s a winner! For raffles. I would suggest 5 - 10 prizes.

Remember, you are doing this for a charity, your family and friends are supporting you


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